Carnival Arts


We are proud to offer fun, creative and educational art-based workshops to schools right across B&NES. This year’s theme is ‘Carnival Culture’, giving pupils the chance to learn about some of the cultures and traditions behind three distinct styles of Carnival; Rio, the Caribbean and New Orleans Mardi Gras.

The full school carnival workshop package provides learning and development in key areas of the current school curriculum, including: Art & Design, Physical Education, Music and Design & Technology. 

If you want your child to be involved in this year’s city-wide project, please let your school’s Head Teacher know, alternatively if you are a teacher you can sign your school up using the form below.


Participating schools


St John's Catholic Primary School

Bathford C of E Primary School

St Mary’s C of E TImsbury

Oldfield Park Junior School

Bathampton Primary School

St Nicholas C of E Primary School

Three Ways School

Roundhill Primary School

Welton Primary School

St Stephens C of E Primary School



carnival Go-Karts 

with Bath Goblins

We've partnered with Bath Goblins, offering 12 local schools the unique chance to create their own electric carnival go-kart to drive in this year’s procession. The IET Greenpower Goblin project is an exciting national project, with Bath being the only area where pupils have the opportunity to build creative structures for their karts with matching costumes for themselves. 

We're planning four go-karts for each Carnival theme; Rio, the Caribbean and Mardi Gras. The procession judges will be keeping an eye out for the most colourful and adventurous kart designs.