Anyone can try their hand at making a Caribbean head dress, drumming in a Maractu band or dancing to the sounds of New Orleans. Free public workshops are scheduled throughout May, June and July culminating in our large communal sessions at Green Park Station’s market square the week leading up to the final event.

For those wanting to take it one step further, we will be hosting ticketed master-class sessions where you will have the chance to develop your skills and learn more about what makes Carnivals so diverse and unique.

Mas Camp 

Drop in Workshops

When: Mon 16 - Fri 20 July - Early Evening

Where: Green Park Station


We will be offering over 40 hours of FREE creative workshops including drumming workshops, dance classes & costume making at Green Park Station's market square, the week leading up to Bath Carnival. Sign up today by choosing a specifc form below. 


Monday 16 July

Samba Drumming - Early Evening


Choose from an array of hand percussion instruments and within a couple of hours you’ll be part of the distinctive sound of Samba. This session is led by Bath’s very own Jamma de Samba.


Tuesday 17 July

African Dance - Early Evening


Wednesday 18 July

Brazilian Maractu  Drumming & Dance - Early Evening


A double biller! Brazilian dance with Bath Carnival’s dance resident dance teacher Angeles Montero and Maractu style percussion with Afon Sistema, winners of the Bath Carnival 2016 procession and runners up in 2017.

Thursday 19 July

T-shirt Tie-Dying  Session - Early Evening


Join our carnival artists and customize your Bath Carnival t-shirt. Purchase a Bath Carnival 2018 t-shirt for a minimum donation of £5 and start tie-dying!